Christina Hager

Christina is the President of Ovations Digital and a member of the 2021 Forbes Communications Council and published author on Forbes. Her insights on social media strategy have also appeared in Inc.com, People Maven Magazine, National Jewelry, Capterra Magazine, and she has appeared on the Chris Voss podcast.

As a Social Media Manager and Digital Strategist, she has an added emphasis in Integrated Marketing, Communications, and Messaging. Christina is a strategic digital practitioner who helps businesses and leaders enhance their position through digital and social media. Christina is skilled at developing and implementing strategies to expand digital presence and meet your business goals. She excels at supporting thought leaders with her ability to secure their insights in top industry outlets such as Forbes, Inc, U.S. News and World Report, Business.com and Thrive Global.

Her multi-faceted experience in various B2B and B2C industries includes health and wellness, executive and change advisory, beauty, skincare, business consulting and career services, e-commerce, luxury goods, not- for-profits, and the performing arts. She also works with individuals from entrepreneurs to executives from Fortune 500 companies.

A frequent speaker on social media, she is often hired to speak and present on the relationship between a Board and social media, organic versus paid social, and building thought leadership through a digital footprint.

With a long-standing reputation as a master communicator, Ms. Hager has taken her gift for messaging and storytelling to help individuals and companies through the exciting challenges of growth, re-branding, and hitting the international market.

She holds degrees in English and Music, as well as a Masters in Vocal Performance. She is proud to once again call KC home after spending almost a decade in NYC as a professional opera singer.


Ovations Digital offers unique, customizable social media solutions to strengthen your brand, connect you with your customers, and increase your ROI. Our support takes the weight off your online shoulders and gives you time to focus on business development and initiatives.

We create online strategy, consult with companies, integrate diverse marketing plans, and curate relevant content for the digital channels of individuals and businesses.

We hold consultant positions with companies and individual projects in the B2B and B2C industries, including health and wellness, executive and change advisory, authors and speakers, e-commerce, beauty/skincare, business and career services, luxury goods, nonprofits, and the performing arts.

Our multifaceted backgrounds make us especially skilled at helping small and growing businesses learn how to manage their content, best utilize their social media presence, and plan strategically for the future.

Our clients and their products have been featured in Forbes, Inc.com, US News & World Report, ThriveGlobal, and Reader’s Digest.

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